The Electricity Cost of Using an Electric Fireplace

It has been popularly known that electric fireplaces are cheaper, convenient, and energy saving. They are both practical and adds charm to the room. Although generated heat from an electric fireplace cannot match with a traditional wood burning one, having this electrical unit provides convenience in installation and is enough to keep a person cozy and warm all without the unnecessary smoke and dust from burning wood.

The typical electricity usage of an electric fireplace goes about 1,500 watts that relate to an operational cost ranging from 0.003 cents to 3 cents per hour when flames are displayed but without heat. When heat is activated it costs at roughly 9 cents per hour. Having to double the heat production will cost double as well as it goes up to 18 cents per hour. Even if you have one the best electric fireplace, this totals to an estimate between $50 to $80 a year. Considering these amounts, you could imagine the cost you’ll save if you were to use a gas fireplace instead as those will cost between $200 to $500 each year, and that is during cold seasons for a span of 3 months.

Determining which one is worth the cost is to understand the extra costs related when choosing between a gas fireplace and an electric fireplace. Electric fireplaces do not use any vents nor chimneys as the heat is kept circulated around the house instead of needing to be released outside. Also, no gas is needed to be used which also means that you don’t have to pay for natural gas or refilling empty propane tanks to keep warm. All it requires to get an electric fireplace to work is by plugging into a standard 120v power outlet.

And with that being said, if you are on a tight budget, getting yourself an electric fireplace for this coming cold season will keep you cozy and warm.

Important Matters to Ponder about Online Dating

Online dating is in trend these days. Gone are the days when one will dress up just to go around hoping to find someone he can consider special. Today, one will only take part of the trending stranger chat and he will have the chance of meeting a lot of people from all parts of the world.

Do you also love to chat with random strangers  online? This might be in trend but you should know that there are risks in doing this. This is why one should be really cautious. You can use these tips below to ensure your safety:

  1. Never divulge your location like where you work and so on. If you have to meet, be sure it will be done in a place where there are many people. Follow your instincts as most of the time, it is really right. If you think something is off, then it probably is!
  2. There are rules in every situation. However, they might be designed to be followed for the benefit of many, there are still times when ignoring them can bring a positive result. You just have to be cautious though because you can’t blame anyone for any adverse effects as you bend the rules after all.
  3. Rude convo is also becoming a norm in online random chat. This is not something you should do though but there are times when you can also use this lingo at your advantage.
  4. Be direct as well as sometimes, it is even the best option. However, you should also know that being direct can sometimes be assumed as being rude. This is why you should also when to use this.

For some, online dating is just what they need to spice up their busy lives. You can also give this a try!

Everything You Want to Know about Phenq

Are you looking for something that can really help you in your losing weight ordeal? For those who are not overweight, they might not understand the desperation of one that is overweight. They might think that this is just an easy problem and can just be solved in a breeze.

However, we all know that is not the case really and the presence of many overweight people is the living proof. So if you want to know what diet pill can help you the most, you come to the right place. Yes as this page will talk about the already tested losing weight pill; the Phenq.

Have you heard about this already? If not yet, you should check out as this is explained in detail. You can also check below for more information:

  1. You don’t need to do your workout routine anymore with this pill as you can still get the result you wanted. But if you want a quicker turnaround, working out will of course help.
  2. In just about three months, you will start to see results. Yes, you will really see results just as what most of the Phenq customer reviews are saying. Most of them are quite happy they tried this particular losing weight pill as they are now lighter.
  3. This is made from natural ingredients thus you can’t expect harmful side effects like the other diet pills you can easily buy from the market. There might be reported side effects but only minimal and temporary.

Yes, Phenq should be the answer to your weight problem. And the good news is if you buy now, you can get 2 more bottles for every 3 bottles you buy. So you should check out the site mentioned above now!