Breast feeding is the Best Food for Babies

Having a baby has never been easy. There are things that are need to be considered to help the baby grow healthy by nourishing not just his body but also his mental capability. There is a need of love and commitment when taking care of a baby. They need to be held and cuddled. They are the most precious thing and also the most sensitive. They also need to be fed on time with nutritious food, and the best food for babies is no other than breastfeed, the milk coming from the nursing mothers.

The milk from the mother of a new born baby has every nutrient that will nourish the body providing the needs in fighting diseases to help the baby survive for the life that he is going to take. The tummy of the baby is too small for eating heavy meals. Also, breast milk gives protection against allergies, sickness and avoids obesity. It is important to literally keep on touch with the baby, this can be achieved by feeding him frequently with breast milk because it provides all the nutrition needs for the first six months. Breastfeeding has also benefits for the mother. It gives the mother a relaxing feeling every time she feeds with the baby. It also burns calories that reduce the weight of the mother after giving birth where her weight will increase exponentially due to more food intake during pregnancy.

Breast feeding is good not just for the baby but also for the mother. That is why it should be done whenever, wherever. Being a mother is not that easy especially during the first year. Parent Resource Network is a site where parents can learn information about taking care of children to ensure a healthy state of mind and body for the developing baby. Visit us now.