The Psychology of How Art Affects Your Mood

Dubai is among the famous countries famous for artwork. With Art Dubai – an international art fair held to allow the world to view and appreciate pieces developed in North Africa, the Middle East as well as Southern parts of Asia. For many centuries, art has been a creative platform that has been shown to be able to influence the mood of its viewers. As an art consultant, one should be able to provide critique on pieces based on the atmosphere it exudes. The visual elements of artwork can do so in terms of the color, style, contrast, emphasis, and unity used. These are merely among the wide spectrum of design-oriented principles involved in creating a product that influences the feelings of its audience. Ophelia Art Consultancy, a front-runner in the field of art consultancy Dubai has to offer specializes in Hospitality and Hostel Art Consultancy. More often than not, the artwork Dubai tends to showcase in art fairs are invariably more distinct than most.

In the industry of art in the Middle East, hotel art consultants work closely alongside interior designers when selecting and critiquing pieces of art for clients. Unique fusions of art can be found in galleries, exhibitions and occasionally, cultural events. Consultants with adequate knowledge of the psychology associated with the art will be able to tailor their assortments according to the client, as well as interact with hotel members.

From a psychological point of view, the artwork of a high quality can emotionally and/or mentally affect individuals who set sight on it. A study on how colors in artworks can distinctly more capable of doing so has been derived and is currently known as Color Psychology. In this sub-study, colors are divided into two main categories, namely, warm and cool. Red, orange and yellow is examples or colors that belong to the warm spectrum whereas green, blue and purple belong in the cooler spectrum of colors. Although many associate warm colors with hostility, there exists counterparts who feel that they spark a feeling of warmth and comfort in viewers. Alternately, cool colors have been noted to trigger expressions oriented around calmness or sadness. Artworks can be strategically placed in order to maximize the happiness of viewers who set their sights on it. Art pieces of warm colors create an impact vibe should be placed in places such as the Breakfast Hall as well as the main entrances of buildings whereas, pieces with cooler colors that create a mellow yet muted view are ideally placed in bathrooms and bedrooms.